Reason 60

Poster It. This past weekend, eleven of the world’s most recognized poster designers came together to judge the first Chicago International Poster Biennial. Almost 1,600 posters from 43 countries were judged, praised and awarded for their ability to connect people.

International rules that govern such events permit only the judges and directors of the competition to be present during the final round of judging. This allows the judges to speak freely and limits the number of those privy to the winning entries before they are announced.

To lead by example, President of the jury John Massey explained how he evaluated each poster. He said that a poster is like a circle with a piece missing — not incomplete, but unfinished. A great poster creates the opportunity for the viewer to connect the circle, making it his own. With this charge, the winners were inevitable if not yet obvious.

More than posters, all real connections follow the same journey, through the mind to the heart, from concept to understanding. Whether broadcasting to millions or a child’s potato print for Mother’s Day, successful communication is always a matter of making a connection.

We believe that by preparing everything we do for each individual person rather than a group, the communication products we create will better serve the collective audience. At Essex Two our approach is interdisciplinary, coordinating language, images and activities that engage the client’s constituencies, build brand loyalty and nurture trust.

Note, Noted, and Noticed:   Small Giants: Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big by Bo Burlingham has more fans than iced lemonade at a Georgia picnic. From Jim Collins, author of Good to Great to Tom Peters, the man who made business books popular with non-business people, Small Giants shows how a road paved with passion and dedication cannot help but lead to being the best. “Big does not equal great, and great does not equal big…”

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Design is a Verb® invites you to think about design as a process, not a product. Design is an active and engaging experience that stimulates collaboration toward a common goal. Essex Two offers this and subsequent ideas designed to promote critical thinking about successful communication.