Reason 60

She loved her children but missed her life.   With three kids still in diapers, a new home an hour from downtown (on a good day) and a husband so close to becoming partner he was always at the office, Barbara Frawley was missing the life she had before marrriage and children.

As a fast-tracked marketing executive for a major retail chain, Barbara was actively engaged in her life. There was little time for anything else. However, after falling in love with Tom Frawley, marrying him and having their three daughters in under 27 months, she now was engaged in managing other people’s lives.

An invitation to a partner’s dinner was her opportunity to speak for herself and others. While Barbara cherished being a wife and mother she also possessed other talents and abilities worthy of appreciation. For the next three weeks, she prepared: yoga, a new dress and haircut, plus two hours every day consuming current events materials. She was ready for others to see her as the intelligent, articulate and complete person she was.

On the ride home, she was feeling pleased with herself. She had been seated next to the senior partner at dinner, and engaged him in lively conversation on topics as diverse as politics and the latest technology issues. She felt the evening went wonderfully, and said so to her husband. Tom said he agreed, except for the part where she leaned over the senior partner’s dinner plate to cut his chicken into small, bite-sized pieces.

Engage:  For a communication initiative of any size to be effective, every aspect of the effort must be fully focused and consistent – no mixed messages or exceptions, no matter how benign. The Essex Two approach is interdisciplinary, coordinating language, images and activities that engage the client’s constituencies, building brand awareness and loyalty.

Note, Noted, and Noticed:  Just released by Taschen, an international publisher of art and design books: Logo Design, edited by Julius Wiedemann. The book “brings together diverse logos from over 30 countries, organized into chapters by theme, such as media, retailers, events, regions, service and agencies.” Forty-three of our logos, symbols and trademarks (the most from any one company) are featured in the book.

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Design is a Verb® invites you to think about design as a process, not a product. Design is an active and engaging experience that stimulates collaboration toward a common goal. Essex Two offers this and subsequent ideas designed to promote critical thinking about successful communication.

By the way, names are changed to protect the innocent.