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courage with a small "c"

True courage is more than doing what we know is right. It's doing what we think is right.

Knowing is about collective agreement: it's obvious to everyone what should be done. Heroism in battle, a rescue from a burning building or overcoming insurmountable odds are all examples of big "C" Courage. These acts are worthy of recognition and reward. There's history to show us a path of behavior, ways of responding to situations and circumstances, reinforced over time, that have been identified as courageous.

Small "c" courage is all about doing what we think is right even when we know it may not appear right to others, and even when it's not easy. Correcting rumors, pointing out an injustice and speaking truth to power are also acts of courage.

These examples represent standing up for individual values, providing your personal imprimatur, risking reputation and respect... Continue


Invest for Kids

Chicago's premiere investable ideas conference presents investment concepts from some of the brightest minds in the profession. The first event raised almost $800,000 directly benefiting several Chicago children's groups. The next event is scheduled for November 3, at the Harris Theatre in Chicago.
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Change for the Better: a whole Foods new category

Whole Foods Markets has transformed the grocery store into a Shop Eat Play experience. As part of our weekly Kaizen, we explored one of the newest WFM stores. After two hours of sensory overload and reload it was obvious, this enterprise was as much about entertainment as entertaining. Visit, just for the fun of it.
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A Fine Line: Design strategies are shaping the future…

After getting past Hartmut Esslinger's (Frog Design) condescending manner he has a great deal to say worth hearing. Filled with process driven strategies that are almost clairvoyant, its like hanging on to a bucking bronco. Sony, Apple and Lufthansa did and gained financially and culturally.
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Nancy's collection of "good graffiti" pictures

For a while in our Wicker Park neighborhood, these graffiti messages were all over — on buildings, construction sites, fences, dumpsters... The images are just quickly composed snapshots — but the juxtaposition of the unexpected beauty of the messages with their harsh environments I find fascinating and delightful.
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