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I Own Design. Me!

Design belongs to me. When LensCrafters advertises a sale on the newest trends in designer eye wear, they are taking from me. Every time Time magazine runs its column about design issues, they are challenging my ownership and usurping my authority. MINE.

The manufacturers of “designer” sheets, towels, toilet brushes, “designer” vitamins, water, condoms, potato peelers, trash cans and DNA are all stealing from me. Ten years ago, devoted members of the American Institute of Architects were architects. Today they’re designers. Not fair. Not fair at all. This has got to stop.

Design is process–driven and that process, much like the proportions of the eleven herbs and spices in the Colonel’s secret recipe, is unique. Creativity, imagination and observation are all elements of a process that contribute to making things work better and smarter, adding joy and enjoyment in hundreds of ways… Continue


Granor Farm

Located in Michigan, Granor Farm produces over 40 organic vegetables and fruits. They apply science, common sense, expertise and hard work to grow produce with flavor and nutrition. Their trademark and website are a direct reflection of the historical and modern practices they are committed to.
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Spring has Sprung… again

If you want to feel that no matter what happens, the world will repair and renew itself, visit the Garfield Park Conservatory. On our Kaizen, we invested a few hours of adding oxygen–infused air into our lungs, a sense of balance and order to our brains, and energy and wonder to our spirits.
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The Art of the Idea: How it Can Change Your Life

Hunt’s book is about how to see, the art of observation and what we gain by taking the time to experience the everyday in new and unexpected ways. This is not a “feel good” book, but a beautifully written owner’s manual for our own senses. Instructive? Yes. Inventive and imaginative? For sure.
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The Chicago International Poster Biennial

Over 2,000 posters from 40 countries were sent to Chicago to vie for the opportunity to be included in the 2010 Chicago International Poster Biennial. The Biennial featured several events over Memorial Day weekend. The international jury selected 150 works to be viewed in the exhibit this fall.
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