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Easy to Say No

Lawyers will often “protect” their clients by telling them to say NO to risk. You can’t fail, lose your shirt or your job if you say NO and don’t do anything.

Who knows what will happen if you say YES? Nobody. Who knows what will happen if you say NO? Everybody, because nothing different will happen. Every opportunity, new concept or big idea has been dismissed with several NOs before it found a home with a single YES. Someone didn’t listen to their lawyer, the pundits, the odds markers, the focus groups or the actuarial tables. They listened to their heads and hearts.

It is easy to say NO. What’s not easy is to hear that voice inside that tells you to trust your instincts and go for it. We do what that voice says when… Continue


Noted and Notice

LogoLounge, the web–based trademark library, has selected 19 trademarks designed by Essex Two for inclusion in a new publication that brings together work from designers around the world. Shapes and Symbols will be published in the next year. Felt & Wire is a web–based community, by and about those of us who are paper–obsessed. Nancy Essex was asked to share her testimony: Design Destinations: My Stationery Jones.
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trademarks, or read Nancy’s post.


Radical Invention

Today Henri Matisse would never be considered a radical. He painted in a tie, vest, and white floor–length smock. The exhibition of 120 monumental canvases at the Art Institute of Chicago presented his most ambitious and experimental work. The Bathers by a River and The Moroccans are among his most pivotal and at the time represented his Radical Invention.
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Tempus Fugit

Recently Reed Essex (13) and his father drove the 1,300 plus miles between Portland, Maine and Orlando, Florida in two weeks. The only reservations they made were for plane tickets and a car rental. This drive created an opportunity for sharing memories, stimulating conversation, practicing patience and gaining understanding… for both of them.
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Past is Prologue

Local Legends, a program produced by the Society of Typographic Arts, is a small–stage conversation with individuals whose lives and careers have contributed value and values to the communication professions. Robert Vogele, the “V” in RVI and VSA, was first in the series to be interviewed.
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