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Common Knowledge

England and America are two countries separated by a common language. When Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw put his finger on our unique cultural paradox he identified a symptom, not a virus.

The same condition can be seen among individuals. While there are no absolutes, some tend to see things as they are and others tend see things as they wish them to be. Half of the time one is surprised, the other disappointed, and vice–versa. Another symptom of the same virus is not consumption but assumption.

The phrase “Common Knowledge” represents the actual virus. The concept of “Knowledge” — awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact — is not in question. The assumption is that the knowledge in question… Continue


Good Company

Masters of Design: Corporate Brochures: A Collection of the Most Inspiring Corporate Communications Designers in the World is now in bookstores. The publisher’s blurb states, "This book features the best corporate designers — those who create award–winning annual reports, internal communications, and corporate brochures." The work of Essex Two is featured along with 21 other internationally–recognized design offices.
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Fore US!

Every year on September 11, the Club Lucky Crew, a group of Chicago–based designers play golf. It’s not unusual for these fellows to come together — they’ve been gathering on the second Monday of every month since 2004. Mostly they meet at the once notorious Club Lucky restaurant and cocktail lounge. But once a year they set aside the day to do what is a ridiculously American thing…
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Summer Stock 2010

A former editor and publisher of a women’s magazine based in London and new mother, along with a Grammy™ nominated producer, artist, touring musician and new father put the finishing touches on an Indiana Summer by hosting their own Summer Stock 2010 festival. Between fifty and sixty friends came together, carrying their instruments and covered dishes…
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Lunch with the Rabbit

Arthur (Art) Paul is not a rabbit, but along with Bugs Bunny and the chocolate variety, Art’s rabbit is one of the most recognized icons of all time. For its first 30 years, Art was the art director and the heart of Playboy magazine. While these accomplishments alone are worthy of reward and admiration, it is Art’s generous nature and creative mentoring that have also earned him respect and gratitude…
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