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An Unexpected Gift

Control is an illusion.
Plans are intrinsically flawed.
Perfection is unattainable.

These are facts that become more acceptable as we age. Not acceptable to the point that we stop attempting to pursue them, but we do come to accept their inevitability. So why does anyone seek to control events, implement detailed plans and strive for perfection?

Our experience tell us it’s impossible to have much control over anything, but still we try. Maybe it’s because we all want to be remembered; to register… Continue


Evan’s Life Remembered

Misplace your holiday spirit this year? We found it at the Evan’s Life Foundation annual gift–wrapping party. Each year the holiday season is kicked–off at this fun event. More than 800 toys were donated and wrapped, and by now delivered to children all over Chicagoland. With a contagious spirit of community, generosity and compassion, more than $34,000 was raised. 100% of all contributions directly benefit individual area children at risk.

Continue the holiday spirit and donate, or view the pictures.


@ Work Design

@ Work Design is a retail operation stocked with merchandise that promises Style with a Purpose. Just on the edge of Forest Park, Illinois on West Madison, this shop is definitely a destination stop worthy of your time. Every item they sell from notebooks to office furniture shares a philosophy of measured performance with visual appeal. Many of the items they carry are exclusive to @WorkDesign. Even their blog lives up to the form follows function mantra.
online or read the blog.


Judge a Book by its Cover

The common idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a metaphorical phrase meaning “you shouldn’t prejudge the value of something by its appearance alone.” We suggest you should be able to judge a book by it’s cover. Those of us responsible for designing many of those covers have a obligation to attract the attention of book store grazers, quickly revealing the nature, character and value of the book’s contents. If not, after one quick riffle buyers are gone, not to return.
Check out a few covers we’ve designed to reflect their content.


The Supremes

Toobin’s book, The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court, explains for the novice and explores for the devotee the mysteries behind the black robes. It articulates the rise of the conservative movement through the legal world and its acceleration in 2005 with the death of Justice Rehnquist and resignation of Justice O’Connor within a few months of each other. A fascinating story about complex and brilliant jurists who are equally spoiled and elevated by the human condition.
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