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Content without Context?

Premise: Think of content as a noun and context as a verb, one an object, the other the action. They are dependent on one another for meaning and direction. Position: There is no real, measurable or meaningful content without a complete appreciation and understanding of its context.

Marshall McLuhan stated that how information (content) was delivered (context) was as important as its content, maybe more. Walter Cronkite, TV anchorman, delivered (context) news stories (content) so well he became the Most Trusted Man in America.

George Nelson suggested that the more complete a design problem is articulated the more obvious the solution becomes. George believed design problems could only be solved in context. All parameters must be included because esthetic choices alone will always be perilous ones… Continue


Jot Locker

Jot Locker is a community of students exchanging ideas and information, gaining a broader and more meaningful education. As an open source environment, learning is transformed from a passive to an interactive experience. Essex Two named the collaborative concept, designed the trademark and produced a website where the exchange of ideas would be as fluid as rain. The site is now in beta testing and should be available soon.


Word and Music

Robert Burns was the quintessential Scottish poet. From Auld Lang Syne (days gone by) to O My Luve’s Like a Red Red Rose, his poems and song lyrics have defined the pride of a country and its culture. Every year since his death in 1759, Rabbie, as Burns is also known, is celebrated at “suppers” all over the world. Haggis is served (you don’t want to know), songs are sung, speeches are made…
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Books and Bars

Criminals go to jail. While children are sometimes criminals too, they are still children. The Illinois Department of Corrections has a “Youth Center” in St. Charles to incarcerate juveniles who have been convicted of crimes or are awaiting trial. It is a level 2, medium security lock–up. For some, their sentences are as much as one quarter of their lives. Many of these children lack basic learning skills…
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Much of what goes on in sports can be explained by incentives, fears and a desire for approval. You just have to know where to look. Scorecasting is the sports equivalent of Freakonomics. Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim have written the most important and fascinating sports book in years. Athletes and coaches are encouraged to challenge conventional strategies with calculated risks, producing unconventional results. Just like in life, a little risk is usually a worthwhile thing.
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