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Managing Creative People

While managing creative people is a challenge to be embraced with courage, the concept is akin to the contemporary definition of an oxymoron, ideas working at cross purposes.

Part of that challenge is to recognize that creativity is just as much a natural resource as oil, gold and sunlight. Businesses that embrace this concept and learn how best to protect and strengthen this resource can stimulate exponential growth and initiate a culture of innovation throughout their entire organization.

First, artistic ability and creativity are not necessarily the same things. One needn’t be an artist to be creative, just as great composers don’t have to be great musicians. While creative thinking isn’t always as obvious to us as when it is manifested as something tangible, it is no less valuable… Continue


The Ambiguous Eric Gill

Bold and courageous described the exhibition at Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA), Eric Gill ICONographer. Gill’s refined carvings and sculptures are simultaneously graphic and pornographic, sexual and sectarian. Best known for his typography and the widely used typeface that bears his name, Gill was a prolific artist and writer whose daring aesthetic combined sensuality and spirituality…
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Enough for All

After wonderful meal of Thai curry and basmati rice prepared by our friend Rebekah Nelson, we noticed the equally delicious package the rice came in. She insisted we take the bag with us. To extend the generous gift of food and friendship, we want to share this wonderful rice with you. Send us an email and we will send two cups worth. Click here for preparation instructions and a special recipe.


Sandy Koufax, A Lefty’s Legacy

You don’t need to be a fan of professional baseball to appreciate to a true professional. Jane Leavy’s book Sandy Koufax, A Lefty’s Legacy has more to do with the man and his choices that any game. Professional sports are all about the numbers. In his last four seasons Sandy Koufax’s numbers were the best ever. With a career half as long as the average pitcher, Koufax set a standard…
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Pioneers, Protégés and Pragmatists

Part of AIGA Chicago’s DESIGN WEEK will be an interactive conversation with the past, about the future, told by those who blazed a trail for all of us. The program was designed by the Society of Typographic Art, to connect today’s design community with its ideological and aesthetic ancestry. Bob Vogele/VSA, Bart Crosby/Crosby Associates, and others will provide stories and backstories to the conversation. Moderated by Joseph Michael Essex, 6:30 PM, June 8, 2011.
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